Peanut Butter Pre-Bar Bar

Peanut Butter Pre-Bar Bar

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Enjoy the Peanut Butter Pre-Bar Bar, made with real peanut butter. This chocolate covered granola bar is a tasty and heathly way to start of your night and ensure your mornings are carefree. Please see the about page for the nutrition facts and list of ingredients!


The last picture shows our new design for the packaging of the bar!


    This bar contains PEANUT BUTTER. Other Ingredients include: whole oats, almonds, salt, honey, olive oil, brown sugar, turmeric, and peper. 


    If something is wrong with your bar, please contact us so we can offer you an exchange or a refund. If you find the bar unsatisfactory, reach out so we can determine how improve the bar. 


    We do not deliver. However, online orders can be picked up from ambassadors, from our central location, or at mid-town during times the bar is being sold there.

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