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Frequently Asked Questions

So this means I don't need to drink water?

No! You should always stay hydrated while your drinking and after you have drank. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it makes you have to go to the bathroom, dehydrating you. Drinking water while you drink does not make you less drunk! Hydration in a combination with The Pre-Bar Bar will ensure your next morning is carefree.

When should I eat the bar?

Great question! The bar should be eaten before you begin drinking, roughly 10-20 minutes before, although it can be eaten during drinking. The reason is that this allows the curcumin and piperine to be in your system while your body breaks down the alcohol, helping to remove toxic by-products.

But does this really work?

Absolutely! We have sold over 500 bars and have only had good reviews. For an in-depth explanation of how it works, see the about page. Feel free to contact us or leave a review on yelp or facebook if you felt your experience was unsatisfactory.

Cool, where do I buy one?

As you noticed, the bars themselves are out of stock on our website. The bars are changing to a new manufacturer, and will become available in specific locations and on amazon in the near future.

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