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From the creator - first story of success

Hey everyone, my name is Hunter Dunn, and I started making The Pre-Bar Bar while I was in college. I am certainly biased, but let me be the first to say that I believe this bar works. I have always gotten pretty terrible hangovers, starting around my sophomore year in college, and that lead to the creation of The Pre-Bar Bar. The effects were noticeable from the start, unfortunately the bar itself tasted terrible when I first started making it. We have came a long way since then, and I am confident when I say that not only do I believe the bar works and will prevent your hangover, but that it also tastes great. Trust me when I say that myself, and many others, have stress tested this bar to the limit. I am excited to see others stories of success about our bar.

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Best Hangover Preventer Out There!

I've tried everything: "liquor-before-beer", liquid IV, the Ron Swanson pan-fried steak, you name it. NOTHING works like the pre-bar-bar to prevent my hangovers. This bar really is the whole package:

This saved my night!!!

I took one before going out over the holidays and woke up the next morning expecting to be hungover, but to my surprise felt well rested and hangover free!

My Experience with the Bar

I first tried the pre-bar bar when a friend brought a few over before we all went downtown. He claimed they were legit, so why not try it. The flavor was good, and 8-15ish drinks later I was actually


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