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My Experience with the Bar

I first tried the pre-bar bar when a friend brought a few over before we all went downtown. He claimed they were legit, so why not try it. The flavor was good, and 8-15ish drinks later I was actually very impressed by how well it worked. I didn't have the spins when I went to bed, and woke up without a hangover. The bar plus a lot of water before bed is now my routine.

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Best Hangover Preventer Out There!

I've tried everything: "liquor-before-beer", liquid IV, the Ron Swanson pan-fried steak, you name it. NOTHING works like the pre-bar-bar to prevent my hangovers. This bar really is the whole package:

This saved my night!!!

I took one before going out over the holidays and woke up the next morning expecting to be hungover, but to my surprise felt well rested and hangover free!


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